Let´s do this together. It cannot be done otherwise.

Welcome to bazaar europa – young theatre across borders, the international ensemble of ogalala. bazaar europa is about the exchange of  ideas, dreams and hopes beyond national, cultural or ethnic borders. Our aim is to wave a flag for an open, free, responsable and democratic Europe.

Our mean is radical imagination.


Hunger. To Have and Have Not

Anybody hungry out there? Well, the open the fridge and get yourself something yummy out of it. Order a nice meal via deliveroo, have a Burger on the street – you name it. Most of us don´t really know what hunger means. As a society we have to solve the problem of food waste and overproduction rather than getting everyone nourished.

And yet we are all hungry, forever searching, yearning, craving, hunting, wanting to have.

Our upcoming project „Hunger. To Have and Have Not“ will look at the unsatiable desire within each of us which is the driving force to any development as well as the reason for crime, exploitation, and a deep crisis of modern civilisation.

Shows: 29./30.11. and 6./7./8.12.2019

Roadtrip Ukraine

What do we actually know about the Ukraine? Besides maybe football, Tschernobyl or the Eurovision Song Contest?  Very little, we´re afraid. But the Ukraine is of great geopolitical and cultural importance to Europe, and yet it is for most of us a white spot on our cognitive map.

bazaar europa will go to Europe´s borderzone to have a better view of the whole.

So in September 2019 the whole lot of us together will travel through Ukraine. On this road-trip which will lead us from the polish-ukrainian border  in the west to the ukrainian-russian border far in the east we will research the conditions of life, the dreams, hopes and strategies of survival of the younger generation 5 years after Euromaidan for you. More…

Was bisher geschah…

pop-up-theatre pro Europe

On May 26th Europe held elections for the European Parliament. The event was accompanied by pedictions that right-wing parties throughout Europe would have an increase in seats in the Parliament, thus making its work even more difficult.

Because voter participation is traditionally low at EU-elections, bazaar europa went underground and reminded people to got voting in a pop-up-theatre campaign.

Checkpoint EXTRA by the bpb

Europa nach der Wahl – Was wird uns erwarten?

On monday, may 27th, the „Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung“  invited to the discussion forum „Checkpoint bpb – die Montagsgespräche“ which focussed on the elections for the European Parliament on may 26th. Dr. Nicolai von Ondarza (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Deutsches Institut für internationale Politik und Sicherheit), Sugárka Sielaff (euro|topics-Korrespondentin), Dr. Linn Selle (Europäische Bewegung Deutschland e.V.) and Thomas Krüger (Präsident der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) will debate with the audience the outcome of the elections and possible consequences.

bazaar europa is proud to open the evening with the short drama  „The Time is out of Joint“, following once again lovely Europe and her Taurus on the journey of their complicated relationship.

Anmeldung hier

27.5.2019 6.30 pm. Free Entrance

Venue: Kalkscheune   Johannisstraße 2   10117 Berlin

Am Montag, den 27.5.2019 lädt die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung zur Mai-Ausgabe ihres Formats „Checkpoint bpb – die Montagsgespräche“.

Wie freuen uns, das Publikum mit unserem kurzen Drama „The Time os out of Joint“ in den Abend einzuführen und einmal mehr der schönen Europa und ihrem Stier auf den verschlungenen Wegen ihrer komplizierten Beziehung zu folgen.

Alle sind eingeladen! Nach der Show und der Diskussion wird getanzt, egal was die Wahl uns bringt!

27.5.2019   18.30 Uhr   Freier Eintritt.


On 15.3. 2019 at 12.30 pm we participated in the „F(EU)TURE FESTIVAL“, organised by the European Democracy Lab together with the CLB Berlin. As an reenactment of the European Balcony Project in November 2018 we read once again and this time in many languages the Manifesto for the European Republic by Ulrike Guérot und Robert Menasse. The event was part of the exhibition „The European Republic is under Construction“, which presented ideas for a European Republic.

Hotel Hamlet

Nach William Shakespeare

Something‘s rotten in the state of…Denmark? Or was it Europe? We dare to look from a somewhat run-down hotel business to a larger context. Welcome to Hotel Hamlet! The famous play about treason, guilt and revenge by William Shakespeare, set into scene in a suprisingly modern way. A narration about overcoming doubts and taking action against injustice in times of disquietude.

opening: 6. 12. 2018     performances : 7./8./20./21.12.2018/12.1.2019       7 pm

European Balcony Project

Imagineering a better Europe: On 10th of November 2018, from balconies in theatres and other public spaces all over Europe, artists and citizens performatively procaimed the European Republic and read a short manifesto, written by Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau. The aim of the project is to create awareness of the fact that the future of European citizens is in the hands of the citizens themselves, to encourage them to take responsibility for the European project and to unterpin the European idea of  „Unity in Diversity“ – without national borders and inequality among its citizens. Thank you for joining us at the Friedrichsbrücke on Museumsinsel in Berlin Mitte for an exciting theatrical flashmob.

European Youth Event EYE2018

Guest performance with our production [borderscapes] at the European Youth Event EYE2018 in the European Parliament. about


Europa. Immer noch. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2037.

Europa befindet sich in der Hand einer geheimnisvollen Macht. Die Angst hält die Bürger Europas gefangen.
Drinnen  – herrscht Ruhe. Die Menschen sind in Sicherheit.
Fünf junge Glückssucher wollen sich nicht länger in ihrem Unbehagen einrichten. Mit unterschiedlichen Ideen im Gepäck ziehen sie los, um herauszufinden, was zu tun ist. 

Regie: Christine Dissmann

Choreografie: Kathinka Sonneborn

Musik: Paul Lesch

Aufführungen in der Probebühne Theater Strahl am 17./18./22./23./24. 11.2017

Pulse of Europe

Auftritt bei Pulse-of-Europe im September 2017

Pop-Up-Café Europa

Mit den Bürgern auf der Straße über Europa sprechen: Pop-Up-Café vor dem Brandeburger Tor in Berlin im August 2017

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