bazaar europa

bazaar europa – young theatre across borders is an international theatre project with actors from all over the world living in Berlin.


bazaar europa stands for the exchange of ideas, stories, experiences and views regardless of cultural backgrounds.

Yes, we play theatre – but we also do a couple of other things. bazaar europa aims to wave a flag for a united, divers and democratic europa with open borders.

theatrical flashmob

European Balcony Project

Imagineering a better Europe: on saturday, 10th of november, we will be part of the Europena Balcony Project, initiated by Ulrike Guerot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau. Please join us on the 1oth of november 2018 at 4 pm at the Friedrichsbrücke on Museumsinsel in Berlin Mitte for a theatrical flashmob and imagine together with us a better Europe! Hier gehts zum European Balcony Project

coming soon: Hotel Hamlet

We are rehearsing a new production: „HOTEL HAMLET“, which adresses the state of the world seen through our eyes.

opening: thursday, 6.12.2018

dates: 7./8. 12. und 20./21. 12.2018

direction: Christine Dissmann

Hotel Hamlet

Something´s rotten in the renowned Hotel Hamlet: the new management got to power under mysterious circumstances, there was a death, supposedly caused by poison. Rumours make their round, the press is investigating – but whom can yout trust? How can you tell fact from fiction? How can you demand justice? 

what happened so far

European Youth Event EYE2018

bazaar europa playing at the European Parliament in June 2018, showing a short version of  [borderscapes].