Do you actually know what you hope for?

Do you expect your hope to come true if your believe is strong enough?

Which hope have you given up?

How often must a certain hope remain unfulfilled before you give it up?

Whom do you blame if a hope does not come true? a) yourself    b) someone else, for example your partner    c) society    d) some kind of higher being, such as god    e) ….

Do you manage to give up hope without immediately hoping for seomething else?

Do you envy animals who seemingly can exist without hope?

If a private hope comes true, how long do you think it has been the right hope?

Given the world situation, do you hope for

a) change    b) a miracle     c) for things returning as they were before?

Can you think without hope?

Have you ever been completely without hope, even if it is only the hope that everything will end one day – at least for you?

Are your private hopes enough for you?

Do you hope for a life after death?

If you see a dead: Which hopes seem irrelevant to you: the unfulfilled ones or the fullfilled ones?

after Max Frisch