Out into the open!

A spectacle in the midst of troubled times. Live in the empty industrial halls of the Berlin Decks.

2./3./4. 10. 2020
Berlin Decks  Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 16-21    13353 Berlin

We woke up in a world that had changed overnight. Was this already the beginning of a new era? Anyway, things weren´t the same anymore. Who were the alien powers that had brought the turmoil? And what did they have in mind for us?

And then there was our longing. The overwhelming longing for the others, for closeness, for everything that had turned to be the forbidden apple. Juri&Joana dares to look from a fictional future back to our turbulent times in which love has turned out to be a health threat.

The play is based on the collective storytelling-project 11×11 Stories [Decamerona], which the ensemble of ogalala kreuzberg carried out during lockdown in spring 2020. With live-music.

theatre for peace

Thank you to our audience for their generosity!

We wanted to offer this play to you at free entrance. As announced, we collected donations at the end of the show that we transfered to less our productions costs. All in all we were able to donate 1.500,00 Euro to non-profit refugee organisations in Greece. 750,00 Were sent to the self-administered refugee camp  „PIKPA“ on Lesbosand 750,00 Euro to the „Samos Refugee Law Clinic“ aus Berlin.

direction: Christine Dissmann

music: Paul Lesch

with: Tamara Weber, Matthias Cano Urbanke, Thieu Ha Minh, Aaron Langguth, Fritz Surmann, Minou Becker, Santiago Agurcia, Marlene Dissmann, Bircan Aydincioglu.

theater-picnic in an industrial hall

How can you implement the hygienic rules and still have friends and families sit together and watch the play? We decided to offer a „indoor-picnic“: the audience were placed on small, medium-sized and large carpets around the stage where they could lounge freely.

The halls of the Berlin Decks

Foto: Emilie Mikolajczyk

daring out

Pur experimental dande-video „daring out“ in the halls of the Berlin Decks:

„Juri&Joana“ was created without institutional funding. We thank BEOS AG for their friendly support.