Mariupol Rhapsody

11 Questions to Ukraine I Germany Part 2
11 вопросов для Украины I Германии

Since our  theatre-roadtrip through Ukraine in September 2019 and an artist-residency and guest-performance at GOGOLFEST in Dnipro (27.9.2019), we are building on an artistic friendship with our ukraininan colleagues. Plans were made for a second visit to Ukraine for April 2020, but had to be postponed for well-known reasons. Instead of just waiting for the borders to be reopened, we started to intensify our contatcs and to search for ways to use the „waiting time“ productively.

Currently we are preparing a new play, together with the independent theatre company Teatromaniya Mariupol and the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST . The international Co-Production „Mariupol Rhapsody“ will extend the research of „11 Questions to Ukraine“ to a dialogue between the two countries.

Under the working title „Building Bridges in Times of Catastrophy“ we are developing scenes of the play in close cooperation with the artists of Teatromaniya. Each step is recoreded by video and gets exchanged and discussed vis zoom with oiur ukrainian partners. The planned Premiere of the play is April 2021 in Mariupol.

Creative Exchange in Times of Catastrophy: meeting Teatromaniya

„The Bomb“ – our second video for Mariupol Rhapsody