long-term projects

11 Questions

a theatrical research
start: spring 2020

bazaar europa

young theatre across borders

along the way…

11×11 stories (decamerona)

a collective writing&composing project. spring 2020

ogalala uses the time of lockup for a collective writing&composing project. Inspired by the “Decamerone” by Giovanni Boccaccio, a collection of 100 stories told by quarantined noblemen escaping black death in 14th century Italy, we started to create 11×11 stories, pieces of music, films, animations, pictures and more. The individual stories are look at different aspects of shutdown, quarantine, staying at home, etc. and will be put on stage whenever it is possible again.


spring 2020

In spring 2020, the unique experience of isolation is shared worldwide. We are seperated from each other, and at the same time united by the same rituals and routines under the same sky. Together with 5 different theatre companies and participants from all over the world, ogalala kreuzberg is part of is the worldwide digital flashmob Alambari.

Starting on April 19th, running through may 2020.


11 Fragen an die Ukraine Vol. 1

Ein Theater-Roadtrip durch die Ukraine. September 2019

In september 2019 the ensemble of ogalala set off to a theatre-roadtrip through Ukraine to see what our neighbours in the east of Europe are up to. „11 Questions to Ukraine“  started as a one-time-research project, but turned out to be the starting point to a promising partnership with the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST. More…

theatre on the underground

pop-up-performances on the Berlin BVG. may 2019

On May 26th Europe held elections for the European Parliament. Because voter participation is traditionally low at EU-elections, bazaar europa went underground and reminded people to got voting in a pop-up-theatre campaign.

Checkpoint EXTRA bpb

Mai 2019

On may 27th, the „Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung“  invited to the discussion forum „Checkpoint bpb – die Montagsgespräche“ which focussed on the results of the european elections. bazaar europa contributed a theatrical apéro with their short drama „The Time is out of Joint“ in the Berlin Kalkscheune.

European Youth Event 2018

Juni 2018

June 2018: bazaar europa smuggling fire arms into the European Parliament! We had an unforgettable day with our production [borderscapes] at the European Youth Event EYE2018 in Strasbourg.

European Balcony Project

November 2018

Imagineering a better Europe: On 10th of November 2018, from balconies in theatres and other public spaces all over Europe, artists and citizens performatively procaimed the European Republic and read a short manifesto, written by Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau.

Pulse of Europe

September 2017

bazaar europa contributing with their performance to the pro-european demonstration „Pulse-of-Europe“ in September 2017 in the Berlin Gedarmenmarkt

Pop-Up Café Europa

August 2017

Mit den Bürgern auf der Straße über Europa sprechen: Pop-Up-Café vor dem Brandeburger Tor in Berlin im August 2017