What should remain – and what must go

motion of all kind should remain

solitude should remain, loneliness must go

the fear must go.

to be able to let go should remain

why do you want to go?

don´t go!

remain a little while

I will never stop learning

love and truth in your arms must remain

where exactly?

speak it out

or write it down

I want my hunger to remain

desire must remain

we definitely should dance more. Let music remain forever and go forever

I want the culture of pointing-the-finger to others to disappear

and with it the distrust towards others

Right now I don´t miss anything, I am in the right place where I am.

ambiguity may remain, definiteness does not exist

Nothing will remain

Nothing is given for granted

What´s up with you?

Nothing changed in my life

why can I estimate myself so lucky?

5-year-plan? I don´t even have a plan for the next five hours

this special quietness of things may remain, at least sometimes

non-commercialized spare time may remain

art must survive

the fermentation of our souls must end

where were you a year ago?

will you write me back?

closeness must remain

curiosity must remain


remain should the continuous reflection and recollection of history

chances should never go

why are strong men not allowed to cry?

what now?

everything begins with an idea.


I cannot bear to see hungry children

appreciating each other should remain

my family should remain

It really is enough