Bridges in Times of Catastrophy


Like so many other projects, our planned thetre-cooperation with the ukrainian Yoth Theatre „Teatromaniya“ had to be re-thought and re-invented several times during the year 2020. “Mariupol Rhapsody”, originally planned as a part of the Festival of Contemporary Art Gogolfest in Mariupol in May 2020, was transformed by closed borders and the impossibility to plan ahead. But instead of postponing the project or wandering off into the digital realm, Teatromanyia und ogalala kreuzberg sought a hybrid form of collaborating and with the project „Building Bridges in Times of Catastrophy“ overcame the physical distance as well as the language barriers.

scenic dialogue

Call and Response: the two groups simultaneously developing material for „Mariupol Rhapsody“, each in their home cities

Over summer the two ensembles worked on “Bridges in Times of Catastrophy” by giving each other scenic tasks, rehearsing them individually “in the real world” and presenting the results by short films. From this „scenic dialogue“ emerged the structure, content and style of the future play „Mariupol Rhapsody“, hopefully on stage in 2021.

The working headline „Bridges in Times of Catastrophy” is our narrative playground as well as guideline to action: getting into and keeping contact may have never been as challenging as in 2020.



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