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Belief Matters

A ukrainian-german film dialogue

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Who do you believe you are? Who do you believe I am? And who do I believe I am?

These seemingly simple questions accompany us for a lifetime and turn up in ever new contexts. In the international theatre-project “Belief Matters” we explore the fundamental beliefs that determine our identity, our personal choices and our world view in a dialogue with our colleagues from the youth theatre Teatromaiya (Mariupol/Ukraine). Along different stages of a fictional journey through our lives, we deal with topics such as the beginning and the end, freedom, hope, time, money, spiritual search, resistance, illness and old age.

The theatrical miniatures that are created and filmed by both teams are presented here:

Magic Belief I Магічна віра

It is in our childhood that we have the strongest and unconditional believes – magic, strong, untampered by reason.

Money Matters I Грошові питання

Love it or hate it – the eternal have or have-not, give and take, sell and buy defines our lives…

Freedom I свобода

Teatromaiya show us a very personal approach to freedom: it begins with the freedom you actually allow yourself to have…

Spiritual Search I Духовний пошук

Spritual Search is a live-long process, here seen and interpreteted by Teatromaniya actress Karina

Resistance I Опір

Are you ready to fight for your beliefs? To resist against opponents and antagonistsd? By ogalala kreuzberg.

Old Age I Старість

A reflection about passing time and lasting moments. By Teatromaniya

Початок I Beginning

By Teatromaniya

Beginning I Початок

By ogalala kreuzberg

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BelarusBeach. In search of a Silenced Country

A cross-national research-project

This project is supported by a grant of the special grant program INITIAL by the Academy of Arts

„Belarus Beach – Auf der Suche nach einem verstummten Land“ ist ein Storytelling-Projekt  im Dialog mit belarusischen Journalist*innen, Künstler*innen und Aktivist*innen im Exil. Hintergrund sind die offensichtlich manipulierten Präsidentschaftswahlen in Belarus, das gewaltsame Niederschlagen der friedlichen Proteste durch Lukashenkos Machtapparat und die Hilf- und Sprachlosigkeit des Westens angesichts der Ereignisse. „Belarus Beach“ beschreibt unsere Suche nach dem Land Belarus hinter Freiheitsbewegung und Gewaltausbruch, fragt nach der Fortsetzung der „Revolution-in-Progress“ außerhalb der Landesgrenzen und der Lebenswirklichkeit der Belarus*innen im Exil. Die Recherche beinhaltet Reisen des Ensembles nach Warschau, Vilnius und Minsk.

Premiere: Mai 2022

„BelarusBeach“ is a crossnational research-project in the wake of the manipulated president-elections of August 2020 in Belarus. The project explores ways to document the recent developments in Belarus by the means of art and tries to build up a partnership for a storytelling-project together with belarusian artists. The working-title „BelarusBeach“ stands for an imaginary place where Belarusians and the rest of the world can meet freely without fear.

recent projects

МіжЧасами | InBetweenTimes

A Modern City Tale with Live Visualisation

МіжЧасами | InBetweenTimes is an experimental theatre-project, created by Christine Dissmann and shown as part of the Marathon of International Theatre Residencies in Mariupol, this year’s Culture Capital of Ukraine, premiere on October 17th in Mariupol.
МіжЧасами | InBetweenTimes brings together young actors of two different local theatre companies and a group of  visual artists from the local branch of the National Art Academy of Ukraine. In a unique combination of live-Performance on stage, the simultaneous creation of visual scenery for the play and the analogous documentation of the show with paper and pencil, МіжЧасами | InBetweenTimes reflects the every day life, the hidden beauty and the secret dark shadow of the city Mariupol.

Center for Contemporary Art „Hotel Continental“, Mariupol I Director: Christine Dissmann, Actors: Karyna Kostiukova, Yevhen Miniaiev, Yevhenii Bachurin, Kyrylo Varchyn, Mariia Kharina, Eva Nedoruba, Veronika Dvorianchuk, Mekhman Hamidov I Artists: Anastasiia Tymchenko, Daria Balytska, Polina Yefremova, Mariia Zavoritnia, Marianna Kondratenko, Anna Arabadzhy, Valeriia Samusenko, Danyil Nemyrovskyi I Curator: Andrii Palatnyi I Coordinators: Victoriia Fedorov, Mariia Yakovenko, Alina Danylova.



Hinaus ins Offene!

In diesem Sommer fand die Kultur in Berlin DraussenStadt!

Wir haben die schöne Jahreszeit verlängert und Theater umsonst&draussen gespielt, unter freiem Himmel, zwischen den Bäumen des Tiergartens und am Strand vom Plötzensee. Der Eintritt war jeweils frei.

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Mariupol Rhapsody

International Co-Production with Teatromanyia, Mariupol/Ukraine.
Artist Residency and Live Performance 21.-31. May 2021

What do we hear in absolute silence?

Where would you go if you could walk on water?

And how can we build Bridges in Times of Catastrophy?

Hier gehts zum Live-Mitschnitt auf Youtube:

Photos: Artem Galkin, Anastasiia Mantach

“Mariupol Rhapsody” is a co-production of the Youth Theatre Teatromanyia, Mariupol and the independent performance collective ogalala kreuzberg, Berlin together with GOGOLFEST. The production is part of the longterm artistic research-project “11 Questions”, powered by ogalala kreuzberg and GOGOLFEST.

29.5.2021 14.00/22.00  Live Performances at STARTUP GOGOLFEST Mariupol

Directors:        Anton Telbizov (Teatromanyia) / Christine Dissmann (ogalala kreuzberg)

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