what matters to us

the magic of theatre

In a time of breathless media consumption we dedicate our work to theatre in it´s original form. We play with simple means, but with all our enses. We believe in the magic of theatre when we achieve to show human beings in all their contradictions, vulnerability, in their cruelty and their beauty.

live, here and now

We want to seduce our audience to travel ionbto another world. We want to make you think, laugh and cry. The shared moment in time forms our common reality.

theatre as utopia

Theatre unfolds its utopian potential not only with the lightening up of the spots. It starts with shared questions.

making theatre

the more digitalised our world becomes, the more urgently we need spaces of immediate physical encounter.

good stories

We believe in good stories. Stories that matter to us, stories which narrate abour ourselves and our dreams. Stories which go beyond the everyday.

one for all, all for one

Let the adventure begin. Only together we can get there.