11 Questions to the Ukraine I 11 питань до України

A theatre-roadtrip by ogalala kreuzberg

The Ukraine belongs to Europe and is the eastern neighbour of the EU. Almost seven years ago there was a pro-european revolution in the Ukraine, the maidan, today there is still a war going on – on european ground. The Ukraine is the place where the West meets the East in the most immediate way. Yet we know very little about the Ukraine.

We are interested in what what keeps Europe together or what drives it apart. We think that we need to look at the borderzones to be able to undestand the whole.

This is why in September 2019 the Ensemble of ogalala kreuzberg made a sepf-initiated theatre road-trip through Ukraine. We were in search of those stories that we could not find in the media coverage so far. During our trip from the western city Lviv via the capital Kyiv to Kharkiw in the far east of Ukraine we met many people and learned a lot about our little known neighbour state.

We were most excited to be able to participate in the artfestival „Paradefest“ in Kharkiw with a street theatre show and in the Festival of contemporary Art Gogolfest in Dnipro.

„11 Questions to Ukraine“ was the starting point to build up an artistic partnership with „Gogolfest“. Our next cooperation is the international project Mariupol Rhapsody

Photos of our performance „The Town Musicians“ in Dnipro
«11 запитань до України» – це театральний проект Берлінського базару Європи – молодого, транскордонного театру – міжнародної театральної трупи, яка поставила європейську ідею на перший план своєї системи вірувань. Восени 2019 року ми подорожували Україною та розпитували людей понад п’ять років після Євромайдану про їхні сподівання та очікування, мрії та страхи.
Street theatre in Kharkiw
Gogolfest in Dnipro
Trailer „The Town Musicians“ in Dnipro
crowdfunding on startnext

Our roadtrip through Ukraine was supported by a crowdfunding-campaign on startnext and the support by Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung