11 Questions

international research project together with the Festival of Contemporary Art Gogolfest, Ukraine.

“11 Questions” is a cooperative international research-project connecting artist-groups in different countries throughout Europe. The project aims to overcome the trauma of isolation by opening up a shared narrative space to reflect rising questions in the aftermath of crisis.

“11 Questions” wants to initiate a multi-perspective platform for critical thinking and imaginative storytelling to reinforce togetherness and exchange.

11 Questions ist ein internationales Recherchevorhaben mit dem Ziel, Künstlergruppen quer durch Europa miteinander zu verbinden. Das Projekt möchte das Trauma der Isolation im Nachgang der Krise überwinden, indem es einen gemeinsamen Raum für Austausch und die Befragung der Zukunft öffnet.

11 Questions initiiert eine Platform für imaginatives Storytelling und künstlerische Kooperation.

The Questions

With the year 2020 ends more than just any other year: The past months challenged each us to rethink what is really important to us  – and what remains rather meaningless.

„What should remain? What must go?“  – the key question for our collective writing project together with Teatromanyia, Mariupol and part of Mariupol Rhapsody.

Do you hope for change? For a miracle? Or do you just hope that your headache gets better? Do you actually know what you hope for?

Questions about the art of hoping, inspired by the famous questionaires of the author Max Frisch. More…









the other side

projects 2020

Mariupol Rhapsody

11 Questions to Ukraine I Germany Part 2
11 вопросов для Украины I Германии

After our theatre-roadtrip through Ukraine in September 2019 and an artist-residency and live-performance at GOGOLFEST in Dnipro, we made new plans for 2020. Together with the independent theatre company TEATROMANIA Mariupol and the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST we are laying the ground for the international Co-Production „Mariupol Rhapsody“, happening in 2021.

projects 2019

11 Questions to Ukraine

Part 1: The Roadtrip

In september 2019 the ensemble of ogalala went on a self-initiated road-trip across Ukraine in search of those stories that were not yet to be read in the media. „11 Questions to Ukraine“ led us to cities as diverse as Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro, got us to meet many different people and even offered us the chance to get on a stage at the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST in Dnipro.

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11×11 stories (decamerona)

A collective writing & composing project during lockup. Spring 2020

Spring 2020: We woke up to find ourselves living in a world that had changed overnight. The ideal of open borders and free international exchange has come to a temporary inversion: in spring 2020 the closing of borders throughout the world has become a question of life and death.

Separated in different cities and countries, the ensemble of ogalala used the time of lockup for a collective writing&composing project. Inspired by the “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, a collection of 100 stories narrated by quarantined noblemen escaping black death in 14th century Italy, ogalala kreuzberg created 11×11 stories between april-june 2020.

„11×11 films“ –  an experimental video-series made of the  „11×11 stories“ narrated during spring 2020.

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