11 Questions

a theatrical research
start: spring 2020

Spring 2020

„War, crisis, devastation, catastrophy, collapse“: it seems that there is no word strong enough to describe what the world is going through. But are we all experiencing the same story? Or is everyone living out their own movie?

What will our lives be like after Corona? How will the world go on? Will there be a time after Corona at all? How long will it take until we will meet again completely carefree?

The international project „11 Questions“ takes the global concern about our common future as a starting point for a theatrical research throughout different countries in the world.

Bild: Fritz Surmann

Krieg, Krise, Verwüstung, Zusammenbruch, Kollaps, Katastrophe – kein Wort scheint stark genug, um das zu beschreiben, was wir gerade alle gemeinsam erleben.

Aber erleben wir es gemeinsam? Oder sitzt jeder von uns doch in einem ganz anderen Film? Wie wird unser Leben nach dieser Krise weitergehen ? Wie wird die Welt nach Corona aussehen? Wird es überhaupt eine Zeit nach Corona geben?  Wie lange wird es dauern, bis wir wieder völlig unbefangen zusammen kommen können?

Das internationale Projekt „11 Questions“ nimmt die weltweite Frage nach der Beschaffenheit unserer Zukunft als Ausgangspunkt für eine theatralische Recherche quer durch verschiedenen Länder der Welt.


11×11 stories (decamerona)

A collective writing & composing project during lockup

[new borderscapes]

We woke up to find ourselves living in a world that had changed overnight. The ideal of open borders and free international exchange has come to a temporary inversion: in spring 2020 the closing of borders throughout the world has become a question of life and death.

However, any barrier asks to be overcome, any fence is the challenge to get over it. Along with the new borders new techniques of crossing them have emerged. The border is a challenge to our imagination and creativity.

Separated in different cities and countries, the ensemble of ogalala uses the time of lockup for a collective writing&composing project. Inspired by the “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, a collection of 100 stories narrated by quarantined noblemen escaping black death in 14th century Italy, we will tell each other 11×11 stories between april-june 2020.

11×11 films (decamerona)

Build Bridges, No Walls

With the project „11×11 films“ we want to bring the „decamerona“-stories to the world  – and to our audience. The key issue of „11×11 films“ is the question of how we can build bridges at a time of ubiquous walling-off. Also it is an experiment with new forms of theatrical narration in a time of social distance. Soon more…

Mariupol Rhapsody

11 Questions to Ukraine I Germany Part 2
11 вопросов для Украины I Германии

After our successful theatre-roadtrip through Ukraine in September 2019 and an artist-residency and live-performance at GOGOLFEST in Dnipro, we are making new plans. Together with the independent theatre company TEATROMANIA Mariupol and the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST we are currently preparing the international Co-Production „Mariupol Rhapsody“, which will extend the research of „11 Questions to Ukraine“ to a dialogue between the two countries. Soon more…